Video Design for Performance


Video installation design for a dance performance performed by the Danish Dance Theatre
A video installation for performance, where video projected motion graphics and  a physical scenography shape a three-dimensional universe blurring the borders between the physical and the virtual.
Production: The Danish Dance Theatre Choreography: Tim Rushton Concept & Set Design: Arthur Steijn & Signe Krogh Videodesign: Arthur Steijn
Together with set designer Signe Krogh, I designed and created a video installation for a dance performance in which the floor was the obstacle. The installation, inspired by Arvo Pärts music Fratres, consisted of a scrim (bobinette) for video projections and a grid with elastic wires on the floor that could change shape. The rendered animations were played from a DVD player connected to a video projector.
More on the design of Insomnia can be read in my chapter Imagined Spaces: Motion Graphics in Performance Spaces in the book Embodied Performance: Design, Process and Narrative, which can be viewed and ordered here.
Dance in the elastic grid
Set construction with bobbinet and grid with elastic wires
3D render still & groundplan
Scale model and 1:1 experiments with the elastic grid
Performance registration – music can be found here