I am employed as a part time Associate Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) – School of Design. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark in a 50-75% job since 1997. In this connection, I have been part of the permanent education staff, including participation in the development and planning of study programs and studies.
I have mainly been involved in the Department of Visual Design.
I have planned and executed courses, supervision and examinations at Bachelor and Candidate level within the following fields:
• Motion graphics
• Moving Images
• Animated Illustrations
• Visual narratives, including Production Design
• Physical Installations
• Game design
• Interaction Design
• Use of new technologies, for example within interaction and projection technologies
• Artistic use of motion graphics in spatial contexts
I have continuously developed and implemented courses with internal and external collaborators, including the Danish Film School, Malmö University, and the IT University.
Design Methods and Cooperation (Joint Subject) (BA)
Course with overall theme “How to increase biodiversity in Denmark?”
The course bases specifically on the UN Goal No. 15 “Conservation of Earth’s Biological Diversity.”
Teaching in “Film making in practice” & “Film Supervision”.
Module responsibility: Silje Alberte Chamomile Friis
Moving Images (MA)
A workshop focused around how to communicate a visual idea/story/theme through moving images.
The learning objective is to get acquainted with the program AfterEffects, and to get hands on experience with the different aspects of conceptualizing, visualizing and producing an introduction or title sequence.
Besides learning AfterEffects, the students have to research a theme of choice, write down ideas in the form of a pitch, sketch, make concept design and drawings, use audio & visual parametres  and create a storyboard for the video.
Physical Installations and Interactivity (MA)
A workshop on immersive, larger-than-life works of art. Installation pieces for specific locations, enabling the transforming of any space into a customized, interactive environment.
The learning goal is for the students to develop competencies in combining physical installations with computer graphics and interactivity.
Idea Development & Scriptwriting (BA)
A course combining theory and practice with ongoing assignments with are integrated in the teaching. The course results in a visual manuscript and a pitch document. The course is conducted in collaboration with the animation department at the Danish Film School.
Art Direction for DADIU (The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment)
A course in the development of moodboards, color theory and narrative structures. The teaching was attended by the Danish Film School.
Motion Graphics for Screen and Physical Space (BA)
A research-based course including workshops for the development of title sequences or other forms of motion graphics sequences for screen or Physical Space. During the course, the students develop animated graphics and / or other visual content for title sequences in different image genres such as movies, television series or magazines. Worked with video for spatial installations and performance is encouraged. The content can be thematically linked to consumer and identity issues. The course is conducted in cooperation with external institutions, including The Culture Yard in Elsinore.
The Animated Diagram (MA)
At KADK-School of Architecture with Jesper Bonde
A workshop in animated title sequences and charts. The workshop is based on qualitative interviews and research, which in condensed form provides an insight and an introduction to the visualisation of the architect’s practice. The result is presented in the form of an approx. 30s movie sequence.
Musical Experience Design (see also under Artistic Developmental/Research Work) (MA)
In cooperation with The Royal Danish Theatre, The Copenhagen Phil, TheMalmö Symphony Orchestra and Malmö University (20 weeks in 2013 & 2014). A research-based course that included workshops questioning: How can people create new and meaningful experiences for the audience in the meeting between classical music and new digital technologies – while strengthening the knowledge level and creative industries in Øresund?
Based on the concert’s live format, the course was constructed in three stages. 1. Theory & Concept Development, 2. Technology & Hands-on, 3. Project development focusing on the expansion of the concert’s physical space, including the foyer and the building, including the involvement of video projected motion graphics & other digital technologies.
Project coordinator, associate professor and teacher, in a collaboration between KADK and CATCH (Center for Art + Tech Copenhagen Hub), Elsinore Municipality.
The project, among other things, focused on letting students work on the UN’s global goals and developing new and innovative design solutions.
In collaboration between CATCH, ITU and KADK, I and colleague Jacob Ion Wille developed and implemented workshops for students, resulting in 3 courses and three exhibitions at the Culture Yard, Elsinore. Two exhibitions were conducted in connection with the CLICK festival 2017 and 2018.
Musical Experience Design. A 3-year Artistic Developmental/Research project funded by EU / Interreg
Developing concepts and strategies for experience design with particular attention to audience development at The Royal Danish Theatre, The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and The Malmö Symphony Orchestra
How the lion learned to moonwalk and other stories on how to design for classical music experiences
Other project participants from KADK: Jakob Ion Wille & Troels Degn Johansson.
Keywords: experience design, classical music, audience development
Classical Music & Experience Design : Interreg proposals, projects and research – 2013