Video Design for Performance


Video- and animation design for classical music composed by Per Nørgård, performed live at the Royal Opera
The video design for this piece was part of the artisic research project Classical Music and Experience Design, for which I developed the Airflow Narrative. Throughout the concert, the visuals related to airflow, produced through the lunges, flowing to the mouth, shaped and then “blown” into the mouthpiece of the instrument. Inside the instrument it will flow through several tubes and frequency-regulators before it comes out as tones making up the music for this brass composition.
Production: The Royal Danish Theatre Orchestra: The Royal Danish Orchestra, Brass Section Concept: Arthur Steijn & Jakob Ion Wille
I designed and created the visual content for HD video projectors illuminating a large back-projection PVC, using Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects.  The rendered animations were fed to a Watch Out media server. 
An article including the design of Doing! written by me, in the book on  … how to Design for Classical Music Experiences (p. 80-83), can be downloaded here.
Video projections during the concert
The Pre-ludium played with video
The Ludium with video
Video design in After Effects
Impression from the live performed post-ludium
Video Design for the post-ludium