Exhibition & Spatial Design

Windows of Light

Video design and mapping for Copenhagen Light Festival 2019
I created the animations and motion graphics for a light installation by Arthur vand der Zaag at the Nikolaj Kunsthal, part of the Copenhagen Lightfestival 2019. The video projections were mapped on a diffused church window from the inside. Besides the video light, there was also light from the outside illuminating the window as well as light in a tower and inside that were part of a 10.01 minute loop from abstract images to more concrete expressions.
I designed, prototyped and mapped the video design using photographs, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
Windows in windows projections
Detail of projection 
Work from inside on projections
Idea & Concept: Arthur vand der Zaag Video Design & Animation: Arthur Steijn Photos: SkipperPhotography
In Art We Trust …
Tower and windows
Tower and window illuminating on wall
A starry sky
Still of mapped opening sequence
Detail of opening sequence
Working on it from the inside
Slow projected colour changes
Detail of projection 
Projection work from inside
Projected colour changes
Projection work from inside
Working on movements