Exhibition & Spatial Design

Trick of the Tail

An animated underwater light installation reminding us of fabulous stories on lives we cannot live shown at Copenhagen Light Festival 2021
The underwater light installation The Trick of the Tail is an installation with animated shapes, expressing the movement of a tail. The shape of the tail is reminiscent to the one we know from the little mermaid sculpture at Lange Linie. The installation visualises the movement of a mermaid like tail, swimming away from the earthly life, back to the natural underwater habitat where the other mermaids reside.
Audience reactions:


Wow         Why is it not here all the time?          It’s beautiful          How is that done?          Look, it moves again
Waiting for the sun to set
I designed, constructed and welded the metal frames together, attached the IP 68 underwater LED strips, placed and programmed the installation. The electronics and DMX drivers for the LED strips were places in a waterproof box placed under the quay. The Box was connected with 7 kables, each 12 meters in length.
Seen from behind
In movement
At the Royal Playhouse Quay – Ofeliaplads
Thank you:
The Royal Playhouse; Nanna Jelsgaard, Jesper Orland & Michael Nilsson
BJ Lys Aps; Brian Johansen
Christel Kaaber, Nigel Zabiela, Simon Bjerg Steijn, Adriaan Bol
In movement under water
Welded steel shape
DMX LED testing
On the road …
Marking the water area
Helping hands
The tail placed and connected
Tail light under water
During Copenhagen Light Festival 2021
During Copenhagen Light Festival 2021
During Copenhagen Light Festival 2021