Exhibition & Spatial Design

The Book about Us / Bogen om Oss

Interactive exhibition design & animation for the Malmö City Library (Sweden)
An interactive book sends the user’s thoughts and figures on a journey on the library’s walls and ceilings.
Using a touchscreen, adults send their texts out into the library room. Children put together fantasy figures, which fly over the walls of the children’s ward. The imagination flies on in the users’ fantasy world.
Malmö City Library
I designed and conceptualised the graphic and animated content for the interactive video installations.
In cooperation with:
Malmö City Library, Mikael Fock (idea, concept), Vision 4 (producer), Shift Control (programming), Com Tech (equipment), Nis Bangsbo (illustrator), Lars Bjerge (carpenter).
Interactive installation with touchscreen and connected video projectors in use. Left: video projector mounted on moving head
Interaction on touch screen
Butterfly spreading previously written texts as projections on the walls in the library. The butterfly moves around as the viedeo projector is mounted on a moving head
From interaction to projection
Interactively user designed characters projected on the walls
Interaction for children
Dressed figure flies out
Character flying in landscape in libraries children’s department
Another character flying 
Design sketches
Design sketch
Interactive book design
Video impression