Exhibition & Spatial Design

Mother of Mermaids

Underwater Animated Light Installation for Kyndelmisse Køge Lysfest og Kulturnat 2023
An animated light installation located below the water surface in the inner harbor with mythical maritime references to the historic naval battle that took place in Køge Bugt in 1710. The work is a tale of life and death that recreates the story of the fantastic, the beautiful, the life-threatening and the impossible love.. Read more here
Mother tail and mermaids in under water movement
I designed, constructed and welded the metal frames and construction from the quay, attached the IP 68 underwater LED strips, placed and programmed the installation. The electronics and DMX drivers for the LED strips were places in a waterproof box placed under the quay. The Box was connected with 11 kables, of up to 17 meters in length.
Mother tail seen by people on quay
Mermaids seen with audience on quay
Underwater mermaid
Thank you:
Kultur- og Økonomiforvaltningen Køge: Gavin Charles Clarke, Tine Bundgaard Thomsen
BJ Lys Aps: Brian Johansen
Skandinavisk Transport Center (set up and take down support): Mads Granzow and co
Køge Marina (electricity): Robert Hauerslev Pedersen
Set up and take down support: Frederik Elslo
Mother Tail in foreground with performance in the back
People on the bridge
Testing in my garden
Mother tail construction in garden
Construction drawing
Mermaid construct
Welding work
Drilling holes …
… and drilling holes
On the Road again…