Exhibition & Spatial Design

430 Launched / 430 Søsat

Exhibition design for the opening of the Culture Yard in Elsinore
I created the concept and the design for the exhibition marking opening and  celebrating the transition from Ship Yard to Culture Yard. The basic idea was to create an space with few historical objects, but rather ideas and emotions that are grounded in the history of the shipyard and its workers. The main concept I used was that of the birth, the life and the after-life of a ferry, sailing back and forth between Denmark and Sweden.
The title refers to the Culture Yard as the new ship, launched after the 429 designed by the old Ship Yard.
Reviewed in the Elsinore Daily Paper:


A beautiful and appalling (shaking) exhibition opens the Culture yard … it’s brilliant …
A view with several installations 
I designed, drew and prototyped all the installations. The 5 HD video projectors incorporated in 4 installations, used a custom software for syncing the 4 Mac Mini’s running the animations and the sound. Still images, video footage, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema4D were used in the creation of the animations.
Plan for the exhibition
Production: The Culture Yard Concept & Design: Arthur Steijn Video Design & Animation: Arthur Steijn Production Lead: Søs Vikkelsøe Production: Ole Paikjær Bak Sound Design: Jeppe Just Christensen
The blood, sweat and tears that shaped the ships
Registrations, ship motors and a video projected seascape
The workers hands at the opening
Workers hands with their quotes
Shipbuilding & welding installations at the opening
Keel stretch support with ship prints
Keel stretch with “Helsingør” ferry 
Model of ferry “Helsingør” with two screws
Ferry motors under water
Model of ferry motors running
Coffee experience on board
Shaky coffee experience
The after-life of the ferry
Video impressions of whole exhibition
Miniature ships with animated video projected history
Miniature ships under attack in WW II
Miniature ships with names and timeline
Installation with side-work (fusk) artefacts 
Side-work (fusk) artefacts installation
The side-work (fusk) welder artefact
Welding animation video projections on metal plates
Welding at the opening